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Campsite Visit is mix of academics and adventure, aims to build physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of each child. These visits are aimed to bring sense of accomplishment in students and professionals. Participation in the Camping adventure brings you close to mother nature giving a recall on your traditional values and one can make a difference in the lives of others. In addition, it provides a unique opportunity to discover new and different cultural experiences, to share the joys of serving others, and to help you discover your inner talents and abilities.

Educational Program Exploring Nature

Exploring wildlife, insects, flora and fauna provides a rich study of nature's colors and designs. Learning how to draw insects strengthens your finest motor skills and teaches you how to create delicate and intricate work.

Greenhouse Guide

What can be more engaging than nurturing and exploring living things, i.e. plants we are committed to helping teachers and students expand their own skills to use plants and gardens as contexts for developing a deeper, richer understanding of the world around them. Hi tech farming is also included in this activity.

Star Gazing

During the night stay schedule our students keenly wait for this activity and describe on paper about the experience, with the sense of accomplishment of have little more knowledge on Astronomy.

Wildlife Education

Sensitizing students about wildlife is most crucial things and there is no better way to educate them by a natural practical way. During this activity our staff also discuss with them about the endangered species and convince them to have a thoughtful discussion on how to preserve them. You will have a unique opportunity to interact with several animals, some you would never have thought possible, and, of course, there will be many great photo opportunities