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Nested about 41kms away from Ahmedabad on the Gandhinagar-Mahudi highway is the lush green and unpolluted AARTI campsite encompassed within 12 acres of hilly landscape. The entry to the camp is via an artificial bridge and canal which creates the sense of being on a large estate. It also has two state-of-the-art greenhouses covering 1 acre each, producing fruits and vegetables for in-house consumption. Neem or Indian Lilac (Azadirachta indica), Ber or Indian Plum (Ziziphus mauritiana), Chickoo or Indian Sapota (Manilkara zapota), Guava (Psidium guajava) and Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) trees cover the land with abundance.

The tranquil campsite will induce your mood and help you bring out your creativity through sketching and painting, by enjoying a walk through nature or spend time bird watching or star-gazing from the unpolluted skies. There are hordes of activities available at AARTI to test your stamina and physique like rock climbing, Burma bridge, jungle walk etc.

The campsite has two machans (perchs) and well-defined pathways that enhance the environment while being covered with fencing and we have all on-site safety resources available if emergencies occur. At AARTI you can find a variety of flora and fauna and the pure yet raw nature will inspire you to get rejuvenated from the long, stressful urbane lifestyle. The overnight stays are in camping tents that can accommodate 15-20 children or 9-11 adults. AARTI camps give the children with an opportunity to feel and learn from nature through the process of experiential learning.